Over 40 years ago Gaylon Bobo began hand painting signs to pay for his college education. Realizing the demand for signs Gaylon (Bobo as he is commonly know) turned to his part-time business into a full-time profession.

Fast forward to 2005. Bobo hires Seth Pritchett, a third year art student at Eastern New Mexico University, as a part-time employee. In 2006 Seth graduates with honors with his BFA and is promoted to full-time. Three years later, in January 2009, Seth becomes owner of Bobo Signs and the business is renamed Signman Signs. In 2012 Signman Signs has expanded to a staff of six employees operating out of their 14,000 sq. ft. shop. He is named and recognized by the New Mexico Legislature as one of New Mexico’s top businesses. Impressive as Seth has not reached his 30th birthday!

Seth Pritchett

Owner & Creative Director
Signman Signs


Crystal Pritchett

Administrative Assistant


Edward Lowman

Designer and Fabricator


Daniel Gutierrez

Production / Installation / Service


Cory Baca

Production / Installation / Service




Phone: (575) 356-4586   Fax: (575) 226-4586

123 North Avenue C, PO BOX 1288 Portales NM, 88130

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